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A Very Overdue Update on K's Life.........

Hi everyone! 

Hope you're all well! 

I know its been a while since I have done a post, but honestly guys I have just been so busy with work and balancing life in general. A lot has changed for me in the last couple of months in terms of my studies and work, as you may know I was training to be an Optician and studying the course along side. Unfortunately I am no longer pursuing this route due to finding it difficult  to balance working, studying a full time degree and have some sort of  social life. It was all getting too much for me and as you can imagine stressful too! I am sad it has not worked out how I planned it too, as I was half way through my course, but hey I believe everything happens for a reason and you just have to keep pushing along. After making the decision to drop out I had a month of everything, in this period of time I had time to gather my thoughts together and decide what I want to achieve in life and what actually makes me happy. Throughout this month, I did h…

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